June 13, 2024

Patient Stories

“No matter where or when, you are always there. Thank you for the care and compassion…”

“Fortunately, it was you who has been there to calm me, study me, advise, me encourage me, assist in healing me… You will never know how comforting it has been to have you there with me through these trials. I so appreciate how you are a doctor who remembers what it is to be human first.”

“Words cannot fully express how much we appreciated you and your team in the way you served us in the time of great need. You went beyond the call of duty. You never gave up. It is clear to us that what you do is bigger than career or profession – it’s a matter of passion and purpose. Keep up the good work. May God bless you and your ream. We thank you.”

“The day finally arrived for my appointment. When I walked in your office and was greeted by the lady at the desk I felt so welcome and comfortable. She was amazing to everyone that came in for an appointment. I was taken to the room where I would meet you and your physician assistant. When you walked in the door and talked with me, I felt a complete peace in what ever was about to take place.

The next day, I will never forger that you personally came to the room to take me to the operating room. While walking along you thumped me on the head as if telling me, ‘everything is going to be ok’. I will never forger you and the gift of your hands and mind that repaired my body.”

“Dear Dr. D,

This is not going to be the perfect letter I would like to send you, because I don’t have
words to tell you how much I appreciate the fact that you took my life into your hands
and performed a miraculous operation that saved my life. Thank you Dr. DiMaio, you
are an amazing doctor; you are my hero.”

“Dear Dr. DiMaio,
I just wanted to write a quick note letting you know how much my family and I appreciate your expertise and care. We all really enjoyed the quick few minutes with you and my dad before surgery started. The updates during the surgery were very uplifting. you topped it off with the daily checkups. My dad was really floored at your immediate response to drink beer if he wants to. ‘I didn’t do all that surgery for you not to enjoy life!’ was the quote of the whole ordeal. Thanks for the sacrifices you’ve made to give my dad another lease on an enjoyable life.”